It is not wrong to have great expectations about your game, especially at the beginning of a new season. But many times, we allow the early challenges to quickly discourage us for the rest of the season. At times, we encounter these early challenges because we overlooked certain essential parts of our preparation. The top of these preparatory steps that we forget is the golf club fitness that many players assume. visit to learn more about Golf clubs Fitness.

How vital is Golf Club Fitness to Your Game?

As the golf equipment and tools become more prominent and advanced in technology, we get access to better launch monitors and other devices. Alongside these things, we ignore our fitness for clubs or clubs’ suitability with us. And this oversight can really ruin our day, even before we go far in the competition. A PGA professional, Tyrus York, said, “by getting fit for your clubs, you can make the game easier.”

Obviously, Tyrus should know better because he belongs to the High-Performance Golf Academy in Lexington, Kentucky. He explained that if you handle the correct driver that is suitable for your swing in the game, you can easily optimize your ball flight. In addition to flying, your ball can also cover more distance with more accuracy. Therefore, this article shares some of the in-depth understanding of the significance of club fitting for your game. 

Do you need a Professional Club Fitter?

The matter of club fitness may not be absolutely your duty if you like. There is a category of professionals in club making. They are in the best position to determine which clubs fit your best. These professional clubmakers are certified by the Professional Clubmaker’s Society and the Golf Clubmaker’s Association to approve the fitness of golf to players. The most fundamental reason that determines what gold club is most suitable is the way the golfer swings.

Of course, some of the golf club properties that one must note include the shaft length, the lob, grip, and lie. But the one with up to 80% power to determine golf club suitability is the golfer’s swing. When we refer to a golfer’s swing, we are not merely talking about the speed that the clubhead makes, but the drive and control that the golfer has on the club’s contact with the swing. For instance, we may have aggressive hitters like Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia or smoother hitters like Fred Couples and Ernie Els. The first group creates a lot of acceleration, while the latter group is more concerned with a smooth hit. 

So, basically, swingers are different from hitters, and each player must first identify where his style belongs from the beginning. And in comparison, a swinger can hit with a whippier shaft at the bottom, but hitters need a post that has a rigid base. At the same time, while swingers need beams with higher torques, hitters should instead go for shafts with lower torque. Finally, as you pursue professional club fitting, simply stay open and avoid having wrong expectations. you can know more detail about Golf Club by clicking here.

Does the type of Club matter?

Many of the challenges that golfers face with club fitting are approachable based on preconceived notions they have about buying golf clubs. When you only consider the economic or business side of things, you may not be making a perfect choice. But club fitness is obviously technical as you need to factor in the length of your shaft with your stance, the base of the post, the lie angle, and your swing pattern.

Many of these factors and more are hardy determined by an amateur who buys from a store based on the recommendation of the store owner or ad showing a new brand. Whereas, we cannot overlook the importance of a professional club fitter; after all, that is why we have them. From their experience, using a stiff shaft depends on the swing speed and the ball speed. And we are not only talking about gentlemen but also ladies. 

According to normal expectations, a club fitness professional, Grabowy, sad that fitting a player for the complete set of clubs can take about two and a half hours. This process will also include educating the player about his needs and the use of the club for maximum impact and productivity. And if there is any need to change any part of his game, he will also learn that. Meanwhile, the same club fitting process is applicable for all types of clubs, including irons, wedges, and woods. 

Can Swing Changes affect your Club Fitness?

As golfers invest in fitting, they should also invest in the instructional material for an overall better game. But if a player has to change his swings, can that affect the general fitness of the equipment and overall game performance? The truth is, many professional fitters have debated this issue for a while. And it was concluded that changing your swing pattern can affect your lie angles with the golf club. 

But more accurately, the effect of lie angles is better related to better players. Still, upcoming players may not struggle much with it. At the same time, when you rely solely on the swing as the determining factor for fitness, it could affect other parts of the club’s use. For instance, you may have to adjust the posture, iron length, and lie angle to eventually get the fitness right. Furthermore, you can seek the professional advice of club fitters as an excellent place to progress. 

How vital is Golf Club Fitness to Your Game?


As we draw up the curtain on this matter, we have described some of the most essential factors determining club fitness. You will also notice that these descriptions are from a professional’s perspective. In more practical terms, the golf club model is not even the most critical factor; neither is it the economic value or price of the golf. Again, hopefully, you will not miss the information on identifying your skill and experience level in determining the most suitable golf club fitting for your game.